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Final Blog Post

  My viewpoint of social media has changed as the class inspired me to soul search as to the reason I started my business.     It was really to help women going through their breast cancer journey have a more comfortable recovery and feel better inside and out.     Since I have learned so much in the past 14 years through plastic surgery conventions, a local support group and reading about breast cancer and reconstructive surgeries, I would like to provide some resources for my customer base through a blog and/or Facebook.   I know that I can use Facebook to reach out to my target consumer audience, but it is better for me to market directly to the surgeons so they can filter referrals (right garment and size for the right procedure at the right time—reducing returns),   I can also try LinkedIn to find and reach head plastic surgeons at top hospitals.  I would also like to research groups that may be beneficial that I can provide content to.  I have found that surgeons are thirsty for
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Week 15 Marketing Plan Post Two

 I researched various events and special days for 2021.  Here are my sources: Here is my plan which I will create and schedule quarterly: I am looking forward to getting going.  This class has truly been a much needed inspiration.  thank you! Truly Inspired, Marla Hope

Week 15: My Marketing Strategy Post One

  I feel that for the consumer, Facebook and Instagram are best to start with.     At least on FB I can control a paid audience.     Also, FB is the correct age demographic for my products.     I am most excited about Facebook as I understand it and there can be great interaction.     I can also make it a resource and inspirational platform for patients at all stages through their journey.     I am also diving more into graphic design and look forward to incorporating it in my communications!     My calling for sure!   I would like to try a contest combined with a survey to see what products my customer base is interested in.  I think there is a way to upload a customer email list and reach them (paid, I believe).  It sure would also be a way to gain likes.  I feel it would be best to have a library of meaningful posts first in this oversaturated world.  I also very much like the rule of thirds as it is not self serving.  This is from the article: 14 Social Media Best Practices You Sho

Week 14 Facebook Insight Analysis

Facebook Insights for Aztec Brewing Company:     In the last 28 days, 7 % less people were reached by Facebook.  Yet, the audience you are trying to reach is more engaged—up 33%!  The page likes are down 33%, perhaps as new guests were nearly impossible to achieve with the varying laws of restaurant openings.   Mobile has always been dominant for Facebook, yet about 30% are now on computers as many people are home.   Regarding the top reaching posts, it looks like a trend of types of beer offerings and hours.  Perhaps the highest reach was also when the Brewery was open.     How interesting that there is little disparity between days of the week when fans are online.  No doubt that people have more time all week to go online.  Wow, they are on all day from about 8:30 AM to about 9:30.  The reactions and comments look like they have been higher around the Election, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving.  This can suggest to post during holidays and important days.   How interesting that follows

Week 14: Learning from social media analytics

  I have been using Google Analytics for some time now in my previous job.     I looked at clients’ GA accounts with respect to paid advertising versus SEO.   Therefore, the first place I would look is acquisition, all traffic and then source medium to see what our internet marketing agency was bringing in versus all other methods.  For social media, I would also look at referrals where one can see the various methods.  From here, one can surmise which methods are driving the most traffic to the site.  That does not always equate to conversions as many searches could be research based.   You can also see the revenue generated by each source which actually is the most meaningful data.   A business owner can then focus on those sources and spend more effort there.  This assumes you have information and links in these places.  But this is also useful to try new efforts and analyze the results.   Some other information I look at is the devise and browser with conversions.  For my business,

Week 13 PartB: Developing Online Advertising

The objective for my Facebook campaign would be website clicks.     It is the widest net within a targeted audience.     When I researched this a few years ago, we could select people who viewed cancer websites.     That would be critical for my campaign.     Also, the size of the audience does not seem to be working as it was quite different 30 minutes ago….     I have analyzed my Google Analytics and know that most conversions are form Apple products, usually mobile and often tablets.     The age range models income requirements as this bracket generates multiple product purchases.     I also would target California as I can reach Plastic Surgeons easier here and the highest concentration is also located in California.   What is interesting is when you chose targets, the audience increases.  When I sold FB ads, we were told to choose fewer targets as they reduced the audience size.  Interesting….         Here is a static ad which Facebook created.  From my experience with selling Fac

Week 13 Part A: Online Advertising - Analysis of the Marketplace

  I noticed ads on social media.     The ones that are the most captivating are ones with one focal point (photo) and a brief catchy headline and a CTA.   CTA:  get a FREE X, join today, order pizza, get Chinese tonight, Thai classics delivered, Tikka Masala to your door.  These are to the point, brief and impactful.  For my business, I feel these types are too forceful for women who are in a fragile emotional state and want to make a trustworthy choice.   The ads all use imagery which is key as a picture speaks a thousand words.  Also, it makes sense for small ad formats and Facebook limits text to 20% of the total ad space.  I feel that the ads on Yelp with delicious looking food photos are quite enticing!  Showing emotion in photos can motivate people; either a pain point or a benefit they can receive if they purchase a product.   For me, ads with tacky art, loud text and/or fonts, bright colors (unless it is for a preschool) are the most annoying.  Also, ads with too much text prev